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Unforgettable Moments, Expertly Curated: Premier Get-Together Event Party Service in Kerala

A get together ideally does not need an occasion. It can be a party time with friends and family on any day. Such a party usually does not involve a long waiting periods. Get-togethers are always ad-hoc. At such a time, only a professional party planner such as Melodia Events in Kerala can help achieve your goals in a short period of time. We are equipped to arrange, combine and display events in a short span of time.


The planning- Such events are planned first and budgeted later. At the first stage itself we will plan the venue, the theme and the number of invitees for the event. We will also discuss here the menu for the party.


Services- Once the venue is finalized, we will immediately arrange for the audio-visual equipment, sound and light set-ups along with the decorations. Again the decorations depend on the theme that is selected for the get together. We will provide with DJ parties, anchors, live music bands and dancers for the event.


The Menu- The menu is an extremely important service in the get together. It plays a great role in satisfying friends and family in such a short span of time. In conjunction with you, we will identify taste-bud requirements of the guests and arrange a menu which can be traditional or contemporary in nature. Bar services are also provided by us with a prudent supply of food and drinks.


Invitations- Invitations do form an integral part of a get together. In this day of communication, the fastest way to reach out to family and friends is through social media and internet. We will send out invitations to the party people and also send out personal invites where required.


Transportation- Transporting oneself can be a major issue if it is not planned earlier. We will arrange for appropriate pickup and drop facilities to the venue and back.



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