Coir Village Lake Resort Alappuzha

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Dream Weddings by the Lake at Coir Village Lake Resort

Celebrate your special day surrounded by the peaceful beauty of Coir Village Lake Resort in Kerala, a destination that smoothly combines luxury with natural charm. Our resort is the ideal venue for your dream destination wedding, offering a magnificent and spacious area that suits all your needs.

Choosing the perfect venue is a crucial aspect of any celebration, and at Coir Village Lake Resort, we understand the significance of your special day. Our main focus lies in providing customised plans that suit various budgets, ensuring that your celebration is not only memorable but also cost-effective.

Picture exchanging promises surrounded by the lush greenery and calm waters of our resort—a perfect backdrop for a destination wedding. Our resort offers the flexibility of hosting various functions, from daytime events to grand dinners, making it a versatile choice for round-the-year celebrations.

What sets us apart is our commitment to cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring the safety of your guests. Our strict code for maintaining the highest standards in these aspects reflects our dedication to creating a wholesome and secure environment for your special day.

At Coir Village Lake Resort, we take pride in offering exclusive and customised services, making your celebration truly unique. From choosing the perfect location to curating a theme that reflects your style, we provide detailed logistic support to ensure every aspect of your event is tailored to perfection.

For those planning group bookings, our resort brings added benefits, significantly minimising costs and maximising the joy of celebration. The sheer magnificence and spaciousness of our venue make it an ideal choice for accommodating all your guests comfortably.

Coir Village Lake Resort is delighted to welcome outside event planners, and one such fantastic partner is Melodia Events, a wedding and event management company in Kochi. If you’re dreaming of a destination wedding that’s both memorable and budget-friendly, Melodia Events is here to make it happen.

Melodia Events has a wealth of experience in creating beautiful celebrations at our venue. Their dedicated production team, based in Kochi, travels to Alappuzha to organise weddings and events at Coir Village Lake Resort. The team knows the ins and outs of our picturesque venue, ensuring that your special day is handled with care and expertise.

Planning a destination wedding can be challenging, but with Melodia Events by your side, you can relax and enjoy the journey. They specialise in creating magical moments while keeping your budget in mind. Melodia Events is not just an event management company; they are your partners in turning your wedding dreams into reality.

Located conveniently in Kochi, Melodia Events has established itself as a trusted name in the world of event planning. Their commitment to delivering top-notch services is reflected in the seamless execution of weddings and events at Coir Village Lake Resort.

Imagine saying your vows amidst the natural beauty of our resort, with Melodia Events ensuring that every detail is just as you’ve envisioned. Together, Coir Village Lake Resort and Melodia Events offer you a perfect destination wedding experience—a harmonious blend of simplicity, elegance, and budget-friendly celebrations. Trust Melodia Events to transform your dreams into a beautiful reality on your special day at Coir Village Lake Resort.

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Coir Village Lake Resort Alappuzha

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