Trivers Resort Munnar

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Trivers Resort Munnar: Where Nature Meets Elegance for Your Dream Wedding

Set against the stunning landscapes of Munnar, Kerala, Trivers Resort is a perfect spot for your dream wedding. Open since 2018, this resort beautifully combines nature’s beauty with classy event spaces, making it an ideal venue for various wedding functions, from cozy ceremonies to grand receptions.

Trivers Resort Munnar has a big banquet hall that can comfortably host up to 200 guests, creating just the right mix of an intimate and grand celebration. The hall has lovely interiors and warm lighting, providing a stylish backdrop for all your wedding celebrations.

What makes Trivers Resort special is its use of Munnar’s natural beauty in your big day. Picture saying your promises surrounded by lush greenery or having a fun cocktail party on the outdoor terrace, with stunning views of the hills and valleys. These outdoor spaces add a touch of magic to your wedding, creating unforgettable moments with nature’s beauty as the backdrop.

At Trivers Resort Munnar, they get that every wedding is different, and that’s okay. The resort lets you customize your wedding experience to match what you have in mind. Work with their experienced team to plan a personalized celebration, where you get to pick your favorite decor, catering, and entertainment options, making sure your wedding is a true reflection of your style and taste.

With Trivers Resort Munnar, your wedding isn’t just an event; it turns into a magical experience where nature and celebration come together effortlessly. Whether you want a small ceremony or a big party, this resort gives you the canvas to create the perfect picture of your special day. Make your wedding unforgettable amidst the breathtaking beauty of Munnar, with Trivers Resort as the backdrop to your love story.

Trivers Resort Munnar happily welcomes external event planners to join hands and make events extra special. Melodia Events, an experienced event management company in Kochi, knows this venue well and sends their skilled team from the Kochi office to manage events in Munnar. When you book this venue through Melodia Events, you not only get a beautiful banquet hall for weddings and receptions but also enjoy special discounts, making your dream of an affordable wedding come true.

Trivers Resort Munnar and Melodia Events work together to give couples a unique and budget-friendly experience. The banquet hall becomes a blank canvas where couples can plan their perfect wedding, with Melodia Events taking care of all the details smoothly.

This partnership ensures that Trivers Resort Munnar isn’t just a place for events but a helpful partner in creating memorable celebrations. Whether it’s a small ceremony, a big reception, or any special event, Trivers Resort Munnar and Melodia Events work together to make sure every celebration is exceptional. Book your wedding through Melodia Events at this wonderful venue, where elegance meets affordability, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Trivers Resort Munnar

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