Uthram Regency Convention

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Uthram Regency Convention: Modern Elegance and Budget-Friendly Luxury for Your Dream Wedding

The Uthram Regency Convention, located in Thodupuzha, Idukki, offers a modern and sophisticated setting for your dream wedding. This versatile venue caters to weddings of all sizes, ensuring a memorable and elegant experience for you and your loved ones.

The architectural style of the Uthram Regency is simple and modern. The spacious and well-lit hall creates a modern and sophisticated ambiance, setting the stage for a stylish and luxurious wedding celebration.

With a capacity for up to 1000 guests in a seated arrangement and 1500 guests in a floating setup, the venue adapts to your guest list size. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, the Uthram Regency Convention can accommodate your needs.

Choosing the Uthram Regency Convention as the backdrop for your special day offers the perfect blend of modern elegance, personalised touches, and exceptional service. The venue’s dedication to creating a memorable experience ensures that your wedding becomes a celebration cherished by you and your loved ones for years to come.

The Uthram Regency Convention transforms your wedding day into a sophisticated affair where every detail is thoughtfully considered. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, the venue provides a canvas for your vision, ensuring that your dream wedding becomes a beautiful reality. Trust Uthram Regency Convention to craft the perfect setting for your love story, where modernity meets warmth and elegance meets joy.

Uthram Regency happily welcomes outside event planners, appreciating their skill in creating memorable events. We work smoothly with Melodia Events, a seasoned professional who’s great at planning successful parties at their venue. If you book through us, you’ll even get special discounts, making it easier to have an affordable destination wedding there.

 Melodia Events, with an event management company in Kochi, are excellent at organising events. Our team from Kochi can also help out in Idukki, making sure everything goes perfectly for your wedding. This collaboration ensures that your celebration not only matches your vision but also fits your budget well, making Uthram Regency Convention a great choice for couples looking for a memorable yet budget-friendly wedding.

We’re committed to giving you an excellent and affordable experience at the Uthram Regency Convention. Let their venue be the place where your dream wedding happens, with the expertise of external planners and the budget-friendly choices offered by us. Trust us to make your vision come true, creating a celebration that’s not just beautiful but also wallet-friendly, so you can enjoy every moment without spending too much.

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Uthram Regency Convention

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