Wedding Resorts in Wayanad

In Wayanad, wedding resorts create a magical backdrop for dream celebrations, surrounded by the beauty of nature. With stunning landscapes, grand interiors, and modern amenities, these venues offer a captivating setting for unforgettable weddings. Each celebration becomes a cherished memory, as Wayanad’s peaceful charm blends seamlessly with the resorts’ charm and elegance.


Dream Weddings Unveiled in the Enchanting Resorts of Wayanad

Wayanad is also known as Kerala’s Lush Paradise. Famous for its scenic views, caves, waterfalls, and bird-watching sites. Wedding resorts in Wayanad is a plethora of magnificent sites. Say the words to your loved one at Lush Paradise, a cozy resort in Wayanad, and have the best time of your life with your family and friends.Melodia event planners have budget-friendly resorts in Wayanad with great customer reviews, classic stays, friendly staff, and exceptional catering service. Pick a spot, book a date, and we will take care of A-Z matters. Contact us for more information.

Wedding Resorts in Wayanad

In the heart of Wayanad, Melodia Events creates unforgettable experiences at resorts that offer luxury and charm. These venues serve as an intimate and romantic backdrop for your wedding day. Beyond destination weddings, our expertise extends to various events, making these resorts versatile spaces for all your celebrations. Melodia Events ensures your experience is not only exceptional but also budget-friendly, letting you create lasting memories surrounded by the natural splendor of Wayanad.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hill station resorts
  • Luxury resorts
  • Ayurvedic resorts
  • Plantation resorts

The cost of a wedding at a resort in Wayanad can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and type of resort, the time of year, the number of guests, and the amenities included. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 500,000 or more for a wedding at a Wayanad resort.

  • Stunning scenery: Picturesque backdrop for your ceremony.
  • Intimate experience: Personalized celebration with dedicated planning.
  • Activities: Enjoy excursions with your guests during the wedding weekend.
  • Reduced stress: Venue manages logistics, allowing you to relax.

Here are some things to consider when planning a resort wedding in Wayanad:

  • Travel logistics: Ensure your guests have easy access to the resort, whether by air or by road. Consider providing transportation options or recommendations
  • Accommodation: Choose a resort that offers comfortable and convenient accommodation for all your guests. Inquire about group discounts or special wedding packages that might include accommodations.

Yes, many resorts in Wayanad offer beautiful outdoor spaces suitable for wedding ceremonies. These can include scenic gardens, landscaped lawns, or even poolside areas.  However, it’s important to inquire about the specific options and policies of the resort you’re interested in, as some may have restrictions or limitations on outdoor ceremonies.

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