Wedding Venues in Wayanad

In Wayanad, wedding resorts offer a magical setting for dream celebrations surrounded by nature’s beauty. With stunning landscapes and modern amenities, these venues provide an enchanting backdrop for unforgettable weddings, seamlessly blending Wayanad’s serenity with elegance.

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Wayanad, the green paradise among the green mountains of the Western Ghats, is the right kind of place for celebrations, ensuring a blend of elegance and beauty. Wedding venues in Wayanad are the fantasyland for an outdoor wedding, in the middle of lush greenery and peaceful landscapes. We focus on affordability, so you can celebrate your special day in Wayanad’s enchanting atmosphere without spending a fortune. Melodia is here to find the ideal destination for your precious moments.

wedding venue in wayanad

Our wedding resorts offer a lovely mix of natural beauty and affordability, creating a charming backdrop for your celebration. From peaceful outdoor weddings to stylish banquet halls, our venues are suitable for different styles and sizes of gatherings. Melodia Events understands the importance of keeping costs reasonable while delivering a memorable experience. Let Melodia Events guide you to the perfect wedding venue in Wayanad, where your love story unfolds against the backdrop of nature’s charm. Trust us to provide an experience that goes beyond your expectations, creating lasting memories of your union in the heart of Wayanad’s beautiful scenery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wayanad offers a variety of wedding venues, including resorts, hotels, banquet halls, and outdoor spaces surrounded by the lush greenery of the region.

Some popular wedding venues in Wayanad include Vythiri Village Resort,Mountain Shadow Resort,Green Gate Hotel, and Taj Wayanad Resort & Spa.

Know the maximum capacity of the venue to ensure it can comfortably accommodate your guest list. Some venues may also have minimum guest requirements.

Wedding venue costs in Wayanad can vary widely based on factors like the venue’s location, facilities, and services. A rough estimate can range from INR 1 lakh to several lakhs.

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