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Wedding Oppana holds a significant place in the Malayalee Muslim community of Kerala. It is an integral part of most weddings, especially in the Malabar region, where its importance is profound. Oppana is a traditional dance form exclusively performed during Muslim wedding ceremonies and has deep historical roots in Kerala’s cultural heritage and Muslim traditions. It is a cherished dance with a great history in Kerala and among Muslims.

Even in modern times, despite the introduction of other dance forms like wedding sufi dance, Arabic dance, and Egyptian Tenora dance, traditional Oppana remains highly valued in Muslim weddings, particularly in northern Kerala and the Malabar area. In Calicut Oppana is commonly performed on the wedding day and even the day before, and it involves the entire family’s participation.

The bride’s side gives special importance to Oppana because it is a traditional dance specifically dedicated to the bride. It symbolizes a warm welcome to married life and the happiness of family life. Over time, professional dance teams have brought various forms of wedding Oppana, known as modern Oppana dance, but the traditional form has retained its significance and popularity in Kerala weddings.

How professional Calicut oppana dance team perform in wedding events?

In the Oppana dance, a group of girls gracefully dance around the bride, welcoming her into married life and singing about her groom or significant men in her life. The dance is performed in a circular style, and a minimum of six members are required for the Oppana team. However, the more girls participating in Oppana, the more attractive and captivating the performance becomes.

Our professional dance team starts the Oppana dance service by having the girls seated in the back of the wedding hall during the Mehndi ceremony. As the ceremony commences, the dance team escorts the bride through the dance of Oppana. This act is referred to as the welcome Oppana dance to the stage. The bride then enters the wedding stage, where the dancers help her to sit in a chair, and the traditional Oppana dance in a circular shape begins.

After each dance, the dancers change their costumes and get ready for the next performance. During the costume change, Mappilappatu singers sing songs to entertain the guests. This allows parents and relatives to have a Mehndi function on the same wedding stage. Mappilappatu singers play a vital role in filling the gap between dance performances, making the event colorful and vibrant.

What is Mappilappatu?

Mappila songs, or MappilaPaattu, are traditional Muslim songs sung by the Mappilas in Kerala’s Malabar region. They blend Arabic, Malayalam, and other languages, covering themes like religion and love. These songs are an integral part of Malayalam literature, cherished by all Malayali and Beary-speaking communities in Kerala and Karnataka.

Mappilappatu, sing by group of singers or individual singers, also originated from the Kerala Muslim community, much like traditional Oppana dance. In the Malabar region, Mappilappatu is mostly used in wedding events ceremony nowadays and it has gained popularity even in Malayalam films and among Kerala Muslims.

What are the costs of Calicut Oppana dance and Mappilappatu performances?

For our Calicut Oppana dance team, the cost is 18,000 rupees for a team of six girls in Kerala. If the location is far from our office, clients may need to bear travel expenses. Similarly, the pricing for Mappilappatu singers starts at 3000 rupees, and it can vary depending on the singer’s star value and recognition, especially if they have appeared in TV shows or achieved celebrity status.

While most Oppana teams are based in the Malabar region of Kerala, our team is also available in Kochi and Trivandrum and Thrissur. Calicut Oppana wedding dance teams is particularly renowned in Kerala, and interested individuals are encouraged to contact and book our oppana dance team as soon as possible to infuse their weddings with the vibrant colors and rhythm of oppana dance.


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