Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort Kottayam

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Experience Enchanting Weddings at Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort  Kottayam

Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort is a really nice place for weddings in Kottayam City. It has a special outdoor area for weddings that looks beautiful. The area is big, about 5,000 square feet, with a lot of nice tiles on the floor. This makes it perfect for all kinds of wedding ceremonies. The Pillar Garden at Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort is also special. It has a stage that is 432 square feet, just right for saying your vows, doing amazing performances, and showing special things for your wedding.

One cool thing about Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort is that it has a lot of parking. This means it’s easy for everyone to come to the wedding without worrying about finding a place to park. Having enough parking is really helpful, so guests can focus on enjoying the wedding instead of thinking about parking problems.

Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort is in Kottayam City, and it’s easy to get there because it’s well-connected to different types of transportation. If you’re coming by plane, the closest airport is Cochin International Airport (COK), which is about 85 km away. You can get to Kottayam from the airport by taking a taxi or renting a car. If you prefer the train, you can take a train to Kottayam Railway Station (KTYM) and quickly reach the venue.

This place is not just good for any wedding; it’s especially great if you want a destination wedding in Kottayam. The open-air area and Pillar Garden make it perfect for creating special memories. The big space lets you plan your wedding in a way that’s unique and personal to you.

What’s really nice is that Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort welcomes event planners and people who organise weddings. If you’re not sure how to plan everything, Melodia Events can help. They know this place well and have lots of experience organising events and weddings here. When you work with Melodia Events, you not only get a well-organised event but also special offers that can make your celebration even better.

Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort is not just a place for weddings; it’s like a canvas where dreams for weddings come true. With its pretty surroundings, big spaces, and friendly atmosphere, it’s perfect for making your wedding day really special. Whether you choose the outdoor area or the Pillar Garden, this venue promises to make your wedding a day you’ll always remember, filled with joy and wonderful moments for you and your guests.

Get married in style at the Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort, the best wedding resort in Kerala. Our huge outdoor area and Pillar Garden make for a dreamy setting, perfect for your unique ceremony. At Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort, your wedding dreams come true in a beautiful space with big smiles and good vibes. Whether it’s the open-air area or the Pillar Garden, your wedding day will be unforgettable for you and your guests.












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Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort Kottayam

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