KTDC Bolgatty Palace And Island Resort

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Your dream wedding destination in KTDC Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort

Looking for a great place to have your wedding in Kochi? Well, KTDC Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort is a fantastic choice! Even though it’s in the city, it has a calm and romantic vibe by the sea. The Bolgatty Event Centre has amazing views of the water, the port, and the sea, making it a cool place for different events.

Thinking about having your wedding at Bolgatty Palace? It’s the best wedding venue in Kochi, giving you a dreamy outdoor setting. Whether you want a faraway wedding or a party outside, this place in the middle of Kochi makes sure your day is super memorable. Bolgatty Palace has a cool history, and it’s not just a place—it’s got comfy rooms for travelers too.

KTDC Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort is more than just a spot; it’s a whole experience. It’s calm, can be used for lots of things, and has a cool history. If you’re dreaming of a magical wedding with nature, history, and comfort, Bolgatty Palace is where you want to be.

Now, let me tell you about Melodia Events. We’re like the experts who make awesome moments happen, not just for weddings but for cool parties at amazing places. And one of those special places is Bolgatty Palace in Kochi, Kerala. It’s like the top spot for destination weddings.

Imagine your special day looking extra beautiful with Melodia Events. We add a bit of magic to everything, from flowers to lights, making your celebration super lovely. With us, Bolgatty Palace becomes more than just a place; it becomes a magical space where your dream wedding comes true. Kochi becomes the stage for your love story, with the old palace and its pretty surroundings making everything extra special.

Choosing the best wedding spot is important, and Bolgatty Palace is the perfect choice. With Melodia Events helping you out, your journey to a happy marriage starts in a place where dreams really do come true. And guess what? When you book with Melodia, you not only get our help but also a special discount, making your dream celebration even more affordable. If you dream of an outdoor wedding with history, nature, and a fantastic team, KTDC Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort in Kochi, Kerala, is the best place for your celebration.


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KTDC Bolgatty Palace And Island Resort

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