Band Set

No wedding in India is complete without a band set. The band sets have a crucial role in announcing the arrival of the important groom. A band set consists of percussion instruments which play loud and scratchy but really catchy tunes for the group to dance to. Popular among the Christian families in Kerala, the band set is invited to every celebrative function to spread their music of happiness.

Melodia Events the leading Event Management Company in Kerala, brings together some of the best band sets for your wedding needs. Particularly trained in their set of instruments, the band sets announce the arrival of the groom accompanying him and the party to the brides family and venue.

Time and Transport- It may not be easy for a wedding party to coordinate everything on their own. We arrange to transport the band set to the venue at the appropriate time that the groom might want to leave for the brides facility. It might so happen that there may be some waiting time due to some formalities that might take place before the grooms departure. The band set is present there well before time and will even wait till the formalities are complete and then accompany the groom with the music all the way to the venue.

Entertainment- As a source of entertainment at any venue, especially for children, the band set will keep playing popular music for the audience to dance to. The band sets are asked to practice all new and popular numbers to appease the crowd. All musical instruments carried by the band sets are up-to-date with no hitches during the show.

Costumes- A band set usually has standard costumes which are shiny and glittery with loud colours. But if it so requires, we will also arrange costumes according the theme of the wedding or the party where the band set is required to play.