Catering Expert

A good catering service makes all the difference in a wedding. It ensures that the guests leave the place happy and contented. Melodia Events in Kerala is networked with some prominent caterers in and around Kerala who provide quality food, competitive rates and excellent service.

Planning and choosing– There are a list of premium catering services that Melodia Events is associated with in Kerala. To make the event memorable, we plan the caterer according to your budget and the number of guests invited to the event. If the caterer is a hotel, we arrange visits to the hotel with friends and family to check for ambience, harmony of flavours and taste and quality of service. The freshness and quality of food is also assessed during this visit.

Customization- In this world of fast food, people require original ideas and taste. We provide a variety of kiosks and counters as per the clients requests such as a special counter for chaats such as pani puri and sev puri. Our caterers will also modify portions and sizes along with the timing of serving the courses.

The Menu– Coming from a land of tasty food, we provide authentic and traditional Kerala cuisine served typically on the traditional banana leaf called the sadhya. The menu can consist of a minimum of 25 items and some of the must-haves are: kalan, olan, toran, eruserry, avail, khichdi and pachadi. Pappadams are served alongside with steamed rice and raw plantain vegetable. Dessert items are chaka prathaman, paladaprathaman which are made of rice flakes and or jackfruit and milk. The non-vegetarian menu can add chicken, mutton, beef and fish dishes. Besides this we also cater to north Indian cuisine which can include a Punjabi menu.

Service staff- We provide experienced and knowledgeable staff who are not only great at serving the guests but handling the logistics too. We also provide bartenders where required.