DJ parties

You will be surprised to note the amount of planning a DJ party would require. DJs add music and fervor to a party. They add life, excitement and fun to the party through their music. Melodia Events specially selected DJs do just that. They are professionally mixes recorded music for the audience who are dancers to the music thats being played.

The appropriate- DJ We will provide you with a professional and appropriate DJ depending on the type of music and theme of your party. The audience might prefer certain styles of music to be mixed. We will see to it that the DJ holds the date for you and works exclusively for the party. The DJ will act as a party motivator and entertainer to energize the guests and motivate them to dance. Our DJs are professionally trained in the techniques of phrasing, beatmatching, blending recorded music, equalization, cueing, audio-mixing and much more.

Club DJ equipment- Besides the DJ themselves, we will also present up-to-date equipments for the DJs to produce excellent sounds of music such as the vinyl records, computer media files or a combination of devices, multiple sequencers for mixing MIDI tracks using digital audio, amplification sound systems, broadcasting equipment or public address system, audio mixers, headphones and a microphone, electronic units for producing sound effects like reverb, delay, equalizer and chorus, a vinyl emulation system in combination with a computerized performance system and a special DJ controller which is a hardware that can manipulate files on a PC or laptop.

Venue and catering- The venue and food for such a function has a great role to play in the success of the DJ party. The venue is decorated and set-up club-style if required with the appropriate starters and bar services. We will also supply bartenders, waitresses and bouncers for your immediate service needs at the venue. We can install LED lighting systems, night club laser systems, theatrical lights, fog, smoke, bubble machines, flame-effect simulators etc.