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Kerala Catering Services: Exploring Delicious Cuisine, Costs, and Menu Options

In Kerala catering services have become increasingly important for weddings and other events. Nowadays, many people prefer to host their events either at their homes or nearby wedding halls with tents. Kerala Catering services companies play a important role in these events, replacing the traditional practice of hiring an experienced cook from local area or relying on family and neighbours to prepare the food. The demand for professional caterers has been on the rise in Kerala.

As the Managing Director and cofounder of Melodia Event Management Company with 15 years of experience in the event management industry in Kerala, I have witnessed the growth and changes in the catering services and event management industry. I have fond memories of working part-time in catering services during my childhood days, where I assisted in supplying food to guests in wedding halls or tents. At that time, catering service companies were just emerging as professional teams in Kerala. It provided a source of income for students like me, serving as our pocket money. It was a great experience for youth students like me to take up such jobs.

However, the catering industry now faces challenges in finding good youths workers, as the interests and financial situations of youths have changed in Kerala.

Despite evolving trends, catering services continue to develop and thrive. Caterers now offer a variety of menus, taking into account factors such as location, community, and event timing (such as evening or afternoon). The selection of the wedding menu is typically guided by the caterers directly or wedding planners in Kerala, with wedding catering being the most prominent and crowd-intensive event in Kerala.

Different communities catering services in Kerala for wedding events

Different communities in Kerala have their own food preferences. In Hindu weddings, vegetarian food is commonly served, especially the traditional Kerala feast known as “ela sadya,” which includes three types of payasam (dessert). However, non-vegetarian dishes are often enjoyed during the pre-wedding events, with chicken, mutton, and beef being popular choices. It’s important to note that while not all, some Hindus do consume beef.

Muslims predominantly opt for non-vegetarian dishes but avoid pork due to cultural and religious practices. Mutton, chicken, goat meat, and biryani are common delicacies in Muslim communities. Thalassery biryani, Malabar biryani, and Calicut biryani are renowned not only in Kerala but also in other states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka even in north Indian states.

Christian communities, mainly residing in southern district and central part of districts in Kerala, also enjoy non-vegetarian dishes very munch, including chicken, mutton, beef, and pork. Pork, in particular, holds a special place in Christian weddings, especially in Thrissur. However, the reception food menu is quite similar across all communities, as non-vegetarian food is widely enjoyed in Kerala.

Kerala Caterers food menus 

Typically, the reception food begins with welcome drinks, fresh juices, and other liquid refreshments, followed by starters like lollipop fish fingers or small samosas. The first course includes dishes like idiyappam, appam, pathiri, coin parotta, roti, or naan, accompanied by curries such as beef ullathiyathu, beef with coconut, duck curry, chicken 65, chicken fry, or chicken kondattam. Gravies are also served with these dishes.

The second course usually consists of rice-based items like biryani, plain rice, fried rice, or other rice preparations, accompanied by non-vegetarian curries such as chicken, mutton, or beef. The meal concludes with desserts such as ice cream, pudding, fruit salad, gulab jamun, and fruit salad.

The menus may vary based on location and individual preferences. Caterers offer a wide range of options, including seafood counters, Chinese cuisine, dosa counters, Arabian cuisine, and even continental dishes. Traditional Kerala thattukada food like fish curry with tapioca and beef can also be incorporated. Kappa biriyani is a Kerala specialty.

In my experience, Kerala offers an different type of variety and taste when it comes to non-vegetarian cuisine. Malayalees have a distinct passion for non-vegetarian dishes, and even in households, they have perfected the art of cooking such delicacies. While other states may have their own specialties, I believe Kerala’s non-vegetarian offerings are unparalleled in my experience. In Kerala catering services have become an essential part of every Malayalee event, and it is challenging to imagine an event without their involvement. The industry plays a vital role in facilitating and enhancing the overall experience of any event.

Cost of Kerala Catering Services 

The cost of Kerala catering services depends on factors such as the food menu, service style, the number of guests attending the event, and sometimes the event location as well. In the case of vegetarian food or the traditional Kerala feast called “ela sadya,” the prices start from around 170 rupees per head. If you want additional payasam (dessert), such as three or four types, the price may go up to 250 rupees per head. An ela refers to a banana leaf, which is used by Malayalees to have their food.

For non-vegetarian options, the cost depends on the inclusion of various non-vegetarian dishes. Typically, most menus include three types of non-vegetarian dishes, with fish curry or fry being a default item, along with chicken and other meats. Nowadays, the price for non-vegetarian food ranges from 300 to 350 rupees per head, including catering services. There are usually two serving styles: buffet system and table service. Buffet systems are more common in cities, while serving food on tables is preferred in villages. Table counter settings and decorations are often arranged by the Kerala catering services company itself, but sometimes external decorators may be involved.

Family dining table decoration trend for weddings

Kerala catering services and cost

A new trend in Kerala over the past three years is family table decoration, which is typically organized by event management companies like Melodia Events. Family table decoration involves setting up a heavily decorated table where the entire family of the bride and groom sits together and has food separately after the main event. This table is reserved exclusively for their families and is usually not occupied during the event itself. People opt for this style of decoration for photography, videography, and showcasing on social media. You can view more photos in Melodia Events gallery page for further clarification, or we can send you more photos through direct appointment and consultations if you require them.

Each districts unique cooking style

In Kerala, the taste and ingredients in food vary across each district, and they are influenced by the local culture and community preferences. In my experience, each region of Kerala has its own unique cooking style. For example, the fish curry in Kottayam and Pathanamthitta is different from that in Thrissur. In Kottayam, they make curry without coconut milk, but in Thrissur, fish curry mostly includes coconut milk. Similarly, there are many other differences in food preparation among different district of Kerala.

Moreover, when comparing Kerala cuisine with that of other states of India, one significant difference is the prominent use of coconut milk and coconut oil in Kerala. Kerala is known as the coconut tree haven of India, so the influence of coconut is widespread in the cuisine.

These variations in taste and cooking styles add to the diversity and richness of food experiences in Kerala, making it a culinary paradise.

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