Theme Parties in Kerala

Unforgettable Theme Parties in Kerala

Melodia Events in Kerala is an event management company that organizes some of the best events in the region. Our professionals are adept at organizing theme parties especially for kids. We help you plan and structure a theme party according to the childs interests. We also arrange theme parties in Kerala for adults with equal efficiency. Listed below are just some of the steps that we follow in creating the right theme and a successful party.


Choosing the theme- Surprisingly, in a theme party choosing a theme is one of the most difficult aspects of the event. A child is always bubbling with creativity and will look forward to many things in a theme party. Melodia Events in Kerala will sit with you and your family to help you decide on the most attractive themes for a party.


Date and time- In case of a theme party for kids, we always schedule it during holidays and no exams. We also avoid long holiday weekends since most families will be vacationing, unless the client insists on having it on that day.


Seasonal themes- Melodia Events also arranges seasonal theme-based events such as winter. Winter is a cold season and Christmas is also celebrated that time of the year. We will have themes that suit the winter season, not to forget a Santa Claus theme which can be a hit with the kids.


Venue, decorations and other setups- We will choose the venue for you, book it and decorate it according to the theme of your choice. We will set up lights and sound systems along with facilitators to run the show.


Costume hire and props- Theme parties ideas mean costumes. There are many costumes available with us for hire which can be worn by the guests and the hosts alike. Bulk hires of costumes are also available with us.


Music and games- Music and games are absolutely necessary for any kids party and the theme party demands it even more. Melodia Events will arrange all DJs, live bands, music and games necessary for the theme party.


Catering and menu- When dealing with kids its always a lot of kids menu and foods favourable for kids. We will ensure palatable and safe foods for the kids during the party.




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