Beach wedding Venues in Calicut District

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Unforgettable Beach Wedding Venues Calicut: Discover the No.1 Event Destination

Calicut has several historical beaches in Kerala. Kappad Beach is famous in India because it’s where Vasco da Gama arrived. The district of Calicut is on the western side, surrounded by the Arabian Sea.

This location blesses Calicut with numerous beaches. The transportation time from the east to the western beaches is about an hour, allowing people from all over the district to enjoy the beaches during various events. Nowadays, many functions, especially weddings, take place on the beachside. Beach weddings have become popular in recent days and are considered among the best in the world.

Calicut offers both public and private beaches suitable for weddings. Private beaches are often part of resorts designed for weddings and other events, offering amenities like Ayurvedic spa services. These resorts provide beautiful beachfront views and outdoor green areas, making them ideal wedding venues. If you prefer a private beach with a resort, there are several options available. For a more budget-friendly choice and added privacy, you can opt for private properties without resorts, which are affordable and cater to common people.

Famous beaches in Calicut include Kappad Beach, Kozhikode Beach, Beypore Beach, Payyoli Beach, Thangassery Beach, Parappally Beach, and Chaliyam Beach. These beaches are known for their natural beauty and are located close to the main city of Kozhikode. We have extensive connections with various venues and wedding areas near these beaches. If you want more options for beach wedding venues Calicut District, feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with a complete list of wedding venues.


Most public beaches or some private beaches, such as private properties, may lack facilities like toilets and bathrooms. However, event management groups or wedding planners can handle this by providing portable high-quality toilets and amenities. So, you do not worry at all about that. In the case of private beach resorts, there is always the assurance of 5-star facilities for wedding. In Kerala, especially Calicut, during the three months of June, July, and August, rain can be expected. But we can manage this by using transparent tents or germen tents, which are modern facilities in beach wedding venues Calicut. They preserve the outdoor ambiance without any compromise. If you want to see more pictures and videos of the our transparent tent wedding events, you can refer to our photo gallery page in this website. Melodia Events ensures that you can have the best wedding events on these beaches, just as you have imagined or dreamed in your life. For more details, please message or call us.

In the case of wedding event management services for these venues or any other service, our event management groups and companies are ready to serve any beach in the district. They will handle your entire wedding service according to your preferences, from decorations to transportation for guests.

As the best event management team in Kerala, Melodia Event Management aims to create unforgettable wedding experiences for you, your family, and friends. We are very happy to make your special day a lasting memory. If you have any questions or need more information about beach venues in the Calicut district, please message us through our WhatsApp or company Gmail ID.

We are always ready to organize the best wedding events of your life and create wonderful memories for you and your loved ones. If you want to get discounts in different venues by booking through Melodia Event Management, please reach out to us directly or message us. Let us utilize our experience in beach wedding venues to make your wedding ceremonies extraordinary.


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Beach wedding Venues in Calicut District

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