Anniversary parties

An anniversary party is mostly on the lines of a wedding reception. It requires a lot of planning, information gathering, resources and catering needs. Melodia Events is a company based out of Kerala providing exquisite and successful party planning services. We will provide you with the publicity of the event and even enable you to decide on a theme-based party with relevant decorations.

Planning and budgeting- A level of planning is required for the success of any party. We will help you decide on a date of the anniversary depending on your schedules and seasonal holidays. Most of them prefer the actual wedding or event date for the anniversary party but nevertheless it would be a good idea to have it on a weekend. Our etiquette experts at Melodia Events will provide the ideal budget for an anniversary party also depending on the number of people you wish to invite and the venue at which you wish to host the celebration.

Type- There are several ways in which you can have your anniversary party. It could be named as a cocktail party, an open house party, dessert celebration and theme celebrations. Based upon your preference we can have any kind of party with decorations in formal or casual formats. Usually cocktail parties have formal attires and theme based parties have a specific type of dress you may have to sport depending on the theme.

Venue and Duration -Again the choice of venue depends on the number of guests you wish to invite. It is obvious to note that the greater the number of people the bigger the venue. The duration of anniversary parties should vary from a minimum of 3 hours to more. Since the gathering is meeting after a while to greet each other it is imperative that the party goes on a little longer.

Equipment, catering and facilitation- Melodia Events has expert facilitators who will engage guests and enable the event to run smoothly. They will present introductions, stand-ups, games, songs, invite ad-hoc speakers from the audience and utter vote of thanks on behalf of the hosts. There can also be a live band arrangement where required. We will provide with all audio-visual equipments and lighting necessary for the event. Food and beverages menu for the event will be pre-decided along with you for the event.

Invitations, gifts and mementos- Invitations are an integral part of anniversary celebrations. Since the gathering is usually a listed one where guests are formally invited for the event, it is necessary to mail them appropriate invitations for the date and time of the event. Melodia Events will also decide on the type of invitation, its design and will publicize the event on online platforms. For an anniversary it would be nice if the guests carried back home a memento of their time spent with you. We will arrange for the preparation, packing and design of the mementos that may have to be presented to the guests. All gifts received by you at the party will collected by us to be delivered to you at the address of your choice.