Professional choreography in weddings in Kerala is a trend which is picking up pace and fast! Melodia Events Event Management Company in Kerala is a wedding planner that provides professional choreographers for your dance events at the wedding.

Our choreographers will design and sequence body movements in accordance to the song of your need. We provide many high level art forms too such as bharatnatyam, mohiniattam, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary dance, folk dance and techno to name a few. The choreographers have rich technical knowledge which helps them improvise and plan any dance form.

Dance forms- We provide welcome dances when the bride and groom ascend the stage- margamakali which is an escort dance for Christians and duffmuttu a dance or tradition specific to the Muslims. In addition, we also provide choreographers for surprise dances with friends for the bride and the groom, provide choreographers for dances for the bride and groom to dance in front of the crowd on the reception stage and modern dances welcoming the bride and groom in cinematic style and even north Indian styles. The other wedding dances which we choreograph in Kerala are Sufi, Arabic dance, dandiya, bhangra, flamenco etc.

Selecting a style- There are many styles to choose from as mentioned above. Some of the most popular dances are for Kerala film songs and bollywood film songs and the style is usually contemporary. Also western style dances such as salsa and ballroom are most sought after dance forms.

Selecting a song- When dancing it is essential to choose a danceable song. We will help you choose a song which suits the lyrics of the occasion and that which might have a strong beat and rhythm but which may not be too fast or too slow. We also choreograph on special songs besides songs that can complement your style.

Improvisation- Our choreographers provide directives and guidelines to either change or improve upon existing dance movements. We will specify a sequence of movements that might highlight the bride and grooms experiences through a popular song.

Techniques- The choreographers are well-trained in techniques of shadowing, retrograde, canon, mirroring, levels etc.

First dances- When special first time dances of the bride and groom are involved we teach them positioning, box steps (especially in ballroom dancing) and create elegant entrances.

Group dances- We choreograph special dances by groups of friends and family who might wish to present a song from Bollywood or any other area. We do medleys which will be a culmination of many songs from many genres and many languages.

Flash mobbing- Flash mobs are a rage now and the trend is catching up. The flash mob proposal could be for the bride or groom and can be executed by all members of the family and friends as well. We will coordinate steps for at least 25 people who will just start dancing randomly.