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Reconnecting and Celebrating: Exceptional Alumni Meet Event Management in Kerala

Students of traditional institutions in India keep in touch with each other and the concerned university and institution encourage such reunions through an Alumni Association. Students come together on any one day to handle and celebrate an alumni meet otherwise called a reunion which can involve quite some networking and arrangements. Since it is a daunting task, we encourage the use of an external event planner to manage the event for you. Melodia Events in Kerala is one of the leading event management companies in Kerala that organizes and facilitates reunions.


Planning and budgeting- We will choose a date for your event and plan arrangements well in advance taking into consideration public holidays. Also if the alumni meet has to be held in the institution or university itself, then we would assess the number of people that you might want to invite. We will also help you decide on the type of meet for example, it could have a special theme and could be a reception, dinner or a lecture. During planning, we will also take into account any last-minute dropouts with the dropout rate fixed at around 30 to 40% of the total invitees.


Invitations- We will acquire from the universitys Alumni office the classmates details for that year. The data may take a while to research and collate. We will then design and present formal invitations to the members through post, email and social media. The text and design of the invitation will be sent to the Alumni office before sending them out. The invitation process is done at least four months prior to the actual event date since time will be required for overseas students to arrive upon visa formalities. Once we receive a positive response from the members, we will record their confirmations and send them to Alumni office. In case of any non-responsive invitations, we will send the aforesaid details also to the Alumni office as a record for the number of members that would attend the meet.


Venue, decorations, menu and other services- We will give you a lucrative choice of venue and decorate it according to the theme of your choice. We will also provide with audio-visual equipments, sound and lighting systems. Depending on the theme we will provide facilitators, DJs, dancers and live bands. We will prepare a pre-decided menu of your choice and according to the dietary requirements of the attendees. We will supply professional photographers and videographers to capture every moment of enjoyment.


Memorabilia- For an alumnus it is extremely important for them to take a memorabilia along with them as they disperse. Melodia Events will design and produce excellent pieces of art for the members to take back with them.


Accommodation and Transportation- Transportation is a huge task for an alumnus since they come from various origins. We will arrange to transport every guest from their point of pickup to the venue and hotels. We will arrange accommodations for out station guests at the star hotels of their choice.



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