Malappuram Oppana Wedding dances and Mappilappatu

Malappuram’s Finest Oppana Dances and Mappilappatu Performances

In Malappuram Oppana dance is a traditional dance form from Kerala, South India. It holds a special place in various occasions such as weddings, religious festivals, and school celebrations. This art form, deeply rooted in Kerala’s culture, has gained widespread popularity in recent times.

Originating from the Muslim Mappila community of Kerala, in malappuram oppana was initially performed during wedding festivals in the bride’s family. It continues to captivate audiences, especially in the Mehandi ceremony, which takes place a day prior to the wedding. This dance has transformed into a significant element of Mappila community weddings.

In Malappuram Oppana dance troupe typically comprises 6 to 8 talented girls, though additional members can be included upon request. The performance usually commences during the Mehandi event, following a traditional Oppana dance. The skilled dancers lead the bride to the stage, accompanied by relatives and friends, creating a mesmerizing cultural experience.

How oppana dance play in wedding events?

As the dance unfolds, the troupe forms a circle around the bride, moving gracefully. This enchanting routine is typically followed by several dances, each lasting 6 to 7 minutes. The dances are interspersed with breaks for costume changes, making each segment unique. Mappilappatu songs, cherished melodies of the Mappila community, accompany these performances, ensuring seamless transitions.

In the final dance, the troupe rejoins the bride on the floor or escorts her back to the crowd from the stage, engaging in energetic movements. The dance continues amidst the audience, with the bride positioned at the center, concluding the program on a high note.

How Melodia organize oppana wedding dance?

Melodia Events orchestrates splendid Oppana dance performances by collaborating with Mappilappatu song groups. These songs are a crucial aspect, as they fill gaps between dances, maintaining the flow of the event.

What is cost oppana dance team in Malappuram district?

In the Malappuram district, renowned for its significant Muslim population, the cost of an Oppana wedding dance varies from 16,000 to 20,000 rupees, depending on the team and its composition. On average, a 6-member team’s performance costs around 18,000 rupees.

Melodia Events extends its entertainment services throughout Kerala, offering an array of dance styles from modern to traditional. To enhance your wedding experience, reach out to our different wedding dance team and witness the magic of our performances. Feel free to contact us for more dance videos and photos, and let us make your wedding dreams come true.


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