Ashirvad Avenue Convention Centre Kasaragod

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Ashirvad Avenue Convention Centre: Your Partner for a Perfect and Stress-Free Wedding Experience

A wedding is a really important day in your life—a special celebration with friends and family. It takes a lot of planning and effort to make everything go smoothly. Ashirvad Avenue Convention Centre is a great place for those looking to have a perfect wedding experience. Conveniently located in the city, just off NH 17, this venue is a wonderful spot to make your special day truly memorable.

Ashirvad Avenue Convention Centre Kasaragod has a big hall with 900 seats and a dining area with 400 seats, providing plenty of space for your celebration. The good-quality flooring and a lovely, calm garden add to the atmosphere, creating a beautiful setting. With a VIP lounge and enough parking space, this venue is not just easy to get to but also ensures comfort for you and your guests.

Located only 15 minutes’ drive from the railway station and within walking distance from Poinachi Junction, Ashirvad Avenue is conveniently placed for easy travel. The venue understands that planning a wedding can be a lot, and their goal is to make it easier, leaving you with the happy and unforgettable moments.

By choosing Ashirvad Avenue for your wedding, you’re not just picking a venue; you’re going to have a partner in creating a day that reflects your dreams. Their commitment is to simplify the planning process, letting you focus on the happy parts of your celebration. Sign in with Ashirvad Avenue Convention Centre and let them guide you toward making your special day the best and brightest it can be. Your wedding journey begins here, where every detail is designed to make your day exceptional and stress-free.

At Ashirvad Avenue Convention Centre, we extend a warm welcome to external event planners, recognizing the valuable expertise they bring to creating seamless and unforgettable events.  Planning your dream wedding becomes even more accessible and enjoyable. Melodia Events, with extensive experience at this venue, not only ensures flawless execution but also offers exclusive discounts when you book through Melodia Events, making your dream of a budget-friendly wedding at Ashirvad Avenue a reality.

Melodia Events, a trusted event management company in Calicut, takes pride in its experienced production team. This dedicated team, traveling from Calicut to Kasaragod, brings a wealth of knowledge to ensure that every detail of weddings and events is meticulously planned and executed. By opting for this collaboration, you not only benefit from the expertise but also unlock cost-effective solutions for a wedding that fits your budget.

Choosing Ashirvad Avenue Convention Centre and Melodia Events is a perfect blend of practicality and elegance. Together, we strive to simplify the wedding planning process, allowing you to focus on the joyous aspects of your celebration. The partnership ensures that your budget-friendly wedding becomes a cherished reality, leaving you with beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Join hands with us, and let’s craft an affordable yet enchanting wedding experience at Ashirvad Avenue Convention Centre, where every detail is designed to make your day exceptional.

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Ashirvad Avenue Convention Centre Kasaragod

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