The Quilon Beach Hotel & Convention Centre

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The Quilon Beach Hotel & Convention Centre: A Dream Venue for Your Seaside Wedding Celebration

The Quilon Beach Hotel & Convention Centre in Mundakkal is a great place for special events like weddings. The hall is air-conditioned, with seats for 350 people and space for 450 to move around comfortably. If you have 85 guests, the dining area is ready to serve them a delightful meal. The hall is on the ground floor, making it easy for everyone to access it.

What’s even more convenient is the parking space—there’s room for 100 cars and 150 bikes. If your guests prefer, there’s valet parking to help them park without any worries. Inside, the venue takes care of guests by providing air-conditioned rooms with lockers for their belongings. This ensures everyone’s comfort and security during the event.

The Quilon Beach Hotel & Convention Center has a high ceiling, giving the hall a spacious feel. This feature is perfect for capturing beautiful moments with drones for videos and photographs. Imagine the stunning memories of your beach wedding!

The venue is not only a great space for events but also located in a strategic place. It’s very close to Kollam and Beach Road, making it easy for guests to find. This convenience adds to the venue’s appeal for those planning events in the region.

 The Quilon Beach Hotel & Convention Centre is an excellent choice for beach weddings or other special events. The hall is spacious, the parking is ample, and the location is convenient, making it practical and charming for your important gatherings. Whether you’re thinking of a big celebration or a small get-together, this venue provides the perfect setting to bring your beach wedding dreams to life.

The Quilon Beach Hotel & Convention Centre  is not just a venue; it’s a warm and collaborative space open to working with outside event planners, making it an excellent choice for events like beach weddings. If you’re envisioning a memorable destination wedding, the option to bring in professionals like Melodia Events is available. Melodia Events, hailing from Kochi, has an impressive track record of successfully orchestrating various events at this venue, particularly beach weddings. Opting for Melodia Events not only ensures expert assistance but also comes with exclusive discounts, making your dream destination wedding and beach wedding at The Quilon Beach Hotel & Convention Centre  even more cost-effective.

What distinguishes Melodia Events is its dedication to providing a seamless and stress-free experience for clients. With an office in Kochi, the team extends services to Kollam, dispatching the production team to oversee beach wedding events and provide their expertise.

The Quilon Beach Hotel & Convention Centre , in collaboration with Melodia Events, offers a lot more than just a venue; it provides a welcoming and picturesque space for your dream beach wedding. With openness to outside event planners, discounts, and the specialised experience of Melodia Events in beach weddings, this venue becomes the perfect setting for your special and unforgettable celebration by the sea

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The Quilon Beach Hotel & Convention Centre

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