Vivanta by Taj Green Cove Thiruvananthapuram

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Your Perfect Wedding Destination at Vivanta by Taj Green Cove!

Thiruvananthapuram is a nice place, perfect for having weddings. It gives a special feel down at the tip of India that you and your guests will always remember. One great venue in this lively spot is Vivanta by Taj Green Cove in Thiruvananthapuram. This place not only gives you a nice wedding location but also comfy hotel spaces for a memorable celebration.

Vivanta by Taj Green Cove is awesome for people who want a South Indian-style wedding. The venue can hold up to 1200 guests, making sure your wedding is full of happiness. The beautiful interiors and excellent service at Vivanta by Taj Green Cove will make you happy and amazed, making your wedding really special.

This venue gives you various services to make your wedding easy and luxurious. They have different spaces for events, basic lighting, and power backup to keep things smooth. They also have valet parking, service staff, and nice rooms for guests. When it comes to food, Vivanta by Taj Green Cove has its own catering services with tasty options to choose from.

Whether you like a beach wedding on a grassy area or a party in a big hall, Vivanta by Taj Green Cove has everything. The place is flexible and good for various wedding styles. Vivanta by Taj Green Cove is a unique wedding location because of its numerous event spaces and one of the best stunning beach wedding venues in Kerala.

Talking about wedding costs, they know it’s important to have options. The destination wedding cost is made to give you a nice and fancy setting without costing too much. The venue makes sure your wedding is not just memorable but also affordable, letting you enjoy your special day without financial stress.

At Vivanta by Taj Green Cove in Thiruvananthapuram, you not only get a beautiful place for weddings but also catering inside for tasty meals. They are open to flexibility; even though they have their own catering, you can bring in outside wedding planners and event teams. We, at Melodia Events, are one such team with experience at this venue. Known for creating magical moments, we offer beautiful decorations, catering, bridal makeup, and more. Booking through Melodia not only ensures smooth planning but also comes with discounts, making your dream destination wedding at Vivanta by Taj Green Cove even more affordable. Whether you dream of a beach wedding or a big celebration, this venue, along with Melodia Events, gives you a mix of flexibility, luxury, and a good price for an unforgettable wedding experience.

 Picking Thiruvananthapuram for your wedding is a fantastic decision. Vivanta by Taj Green Cove adds to the charm by providing a beautiful venue and top-notch services. From the lovely insides to the tasty food, everything is set up to make your wedding special. When Vivanta by Taj Green Cove talks about wedding costs, they ensure that you not only get quality but also affordability. We get the importance of creating lasting memories without breaking the bank. So, whether you fancy a beach wedding, a banquet hall celebration, or something in between, we, along with Vivanta by Taj Green Cove, are here to make your dream wedding come true.

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Vivanta by Taj Green Cove Thiruvananthapuram

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