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Wedding stages and mandaps are a piece of memory for every individual on their wedding day. The beauty of a stage based wedding is the ability to flex it to your own themes and colours. Melodia attempts at not just arranging your venues for you, but actually transforming them into a lovable memory. We have several stage designs that we can present to give the wedding a fairy tale appearance with a royal design and sheen.
The wedding mandap– The wedding mandap can come in several features. It has an attractive look, long service, excellent finish and elegant designs. The decorators can use various materials such as fiber glass, pillars and pedestals, arches, wooden carvings and drapes. For the typical wedding mandap we use easy-to-assemble materials with good quality and durability.
The Reception stage– Reception stages add a sense of contemporary style to the wedding. Traditional dressings are discarded for more modern ones. We offer reception stage decorations especially with good quality furnitures for seating and ensure procurement if superior accessories, lights, flowers, curtains and backdrops. Our reception stage highlights the Indian heritage and suits the requirements of all religions.
The wedding stage– The wedding stage is designed with a creative and stunning setting keeping in mind the affordability of our client. We use thorough decorative works, simple and sensible designs, fine quality material at the same time attaining a mesmerizing effect. On the stage, we can provide you with designer backdrops, arches and domes along with traditional or contemporary settings. We even provide crystal stage set ups that might require less space and provide the maximum effect.
Our stages are equipped with easy alighting and climbing of stairs on both sides. Railings are provided where necessary. Any temporary painting that has to be done is good quality as well as colourful. We can use scratch-proof and crack-proof materials where required.

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