Stage Decoration in Kerala

Step up your event décor game with top-notch stage decoration in Kerala.

Melodia Event Management, Kerala’s wedding planning involves the arrangement and decoration of the stage or mandap where the wedding ceremony takes place. We choose and place different décor items in strategic areas, including lights, flowers, draperies and more. Other components such as stage arrangements, set designs, etc are also provided to give an ornamental look.


Stage decoration services can vary widely depending on the couple’s preferences and the wedding planner’s offerings.


Here are some of the elements we include in stage decoration services for wedding planning in Kochi and Thrissur:


Backdrop or mandap design: The backdrop or mandap is the central element of the stage decoration in Kerala, which provides a focal point for the ceremony.


Designs substantially differ depending upon the client’s preferences and tastes. We use various materials including, wood, cloth, metal or flowers – these can be colourful and fragrant, as well. A variety of motifs are created either classic or modern.


Flowers bring an instant texture and colour to your event. Stage decorating with flowers or placing them as centre pieces to decorate the mandap or seats can look extremely beautiful. Of course, flowers can be seasonal, and according to a particular theme – for this, Melodia Event Management does its best to source the cheapest arrangements to the most expensive ones depending upon your budget.


As we execute stage decoration in Kerala for you, we pay special attention to lighting as well. Lights can give an ambience and a classy look to any event. The theory of stage decors states that illumination is indeed, one of the key components to any occasion. It can elevate guest experience where everything becomes captivating. Lights can be used to highlight certain areas of focus providing onlookers visual direction. It draws audience attention and enriches a scene.


Drapes have the ability to transform anything, anywhere. It gives an aesthetic appeal and can be extremely elegant when done right. Drapes can be used as backdrops, wrapped across pillars of the mandap or simply hung from the roof of the stage. It gives everything a cushiony feeling, making guests feel comfortable in the process. As our wedding planners in Kerala for the materials that can be used to decorate a stage.


Strategic seating can make even the most common event look stylish. You will be surprised to know that there are different types of seating. Check with Melodia’s expert planners in Kochi and Thrissur for the best styles and arrangements such as banquet, auditorium and others. Seating arrangements are also relationship-makers and guests, when seated, also use the opportunity to socialise.

Sound and music arrangements: Music enhances the atmosphere and create a sense of magic and romance. Sound systems can be used to amplify the harmony and speeches, and special equipment such as fog machines and pyrotechnics can be used to create a dramatic effect. Different types of music can be played depending on the couple’s preferences and the wedding planner’s offerings.


By hiring stage decoration services, the wedding couple can ensure that their wedding stage is expertly designed and executed, creating a beautiful and memorable setting for their special day.


Make your big day truly unforgettable with Melodia Event Management’s exceptional wedding stage decoration in Kerala. We cater to religious weddings for Malayalis and specialise in creating beautiful Christian, Muslim, and traditional Hindu wedding stage decorations. No matter where you are in Kerala, We have own offices in Thrissur and Kochi  in  Kerala and production units in deffrent places for wedding stage decoration in Kerala. our expert team will provide you with a memorable and unique stage decoration experience. Contact us now to book our services and elevate your wedding décor game!



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