Aithousa Convention Centre Kottayam

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Aithousa Convention Centre: Crafting Unforgettable Moments in Kottayam, Kerala

Aithousa Convention Centre in Kottayam, Kerala, stands as a renowned venue perfect for a myriad of events, with a special focus on weddings. This splendid center is strategically located in Kumaranalloor, making it easily accessible for individuals from all corners of Kerala.

The highlight of Aithousa is its spacious air-conditioned hall, capable of accommodating up to 800 guests in a seated arrangement and 1200 guests when standing. The hall provides an elegant backdrop for weddings, creating a magical ambiance for couples to exchange vows. Additionally, for those who prefer a different setting, there’s a non-air-conditioned hall and several intimate rooms suitable for various purposes, adding versatility to the venue.

One of the key features of Aithousa Convention Centre Kottayam is its commitment to ensuring a hassle-free experience for guests. Ample parking facilities, including valet parking, are available, ensuring that attendees can arrive and depart with ease. This thoughtful touch reflects the venue’s dedication to providing a seamless and enjoyable event experience.

For those planning their dream wedding, Aithousa Convention Centre Kottayam offers more than just a beautiful space. The center boasts a team of seasoned event planners ready to assist with every aspect of the celebration. From initial planning and budgeting to catering and decoration, the experienced team is there to transform visions into reality. Their expertise adds an extra layer of support, allowing couples to relax and savor every moment of their special day.

The charm of Aithousa extends beyond weddings to encompass conferences, exhibitions, business meetings, and more. The versatility of the venue makes it a favorite choice for a variety of gatherings. The smaller rooms provide flexibility, accommodating events of different scales and purposes.

In essence, Aithousa Convention Centre is more than just a venue; it’s a partner in creating unforgettable moments. Its prime location, spacious halls, ample parking, and dedicated team of event planners make it a top choice for those seeking a perfect setting for their wedding day. With Aithousa, the promise of a seamless and enchanting celebration becomes a reality, ensuring that every event held here is a memorable and joyous occasion.

Aithousa Convention Centre warmly welcomes external event planners to collaborate and orchestrate seamless events within its premises. Among these seasoned event planners, Melodia Events, a distinguished event management company in Kochi, has garnered extensive experience at this remarkable venue. The Kochi office’s proficient production team frequently travels to Kottayam to expertly execute a myriad of events, making them intimately familiar with the nuances of Aithousa.

Recognizing the value of this partnership, individuals opting to book the venue through Melodia Events are entitled to exclusive benefits. With a strong emphasis on providing affordable wedding solutions, Melodia Events ensures that couples can achieve their dream celebrations without compromising on quality. By leveraging Melodia Events’ association with Aithousa, clients not only gain access to a premier wedding hall but also unlock special discounts, making their wedding planning journey even more budget-friendly.

This collaboration between Aithousa Convention Centre and Melodia Events creates a synergy that transforms wedding aspirations into reality. The venue’s openness to external event planners, coupled with Melodia Events’ expertise and commitment to affordability, fosters an environment where every wedding is a uniquely tailored and unforgettable experience. For those seeking a seamless and cost-effective wedding celebration, booking Aithousa through Melodia Events promises an unparalleled blend of elegance, convenience, and savings.

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Aithousa Convention Centre Kottayam

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