Wedding venue

Choosing and arranging a wedding venue can be quite a task when the family does it on its own especially for some who have never planned weddings before. Melodia are an expert event management group here in Kerala who can guide you to a list of wedding venues and help you choose the right place at the right time and avoid last-minute rushes. When booking a venue we will ensure that all costs and expenses are explained to you and avoid any surprise hidden fees. If there is an initial policy deposit, its refund or adjustments will be discussed at the time of booking. We will also help you in completing venue formalities after the wedding. All venue bookings will be confirmed in writing. Professionals at Melodia will visit the venue along with the family and help you visualize the day of your wedding at the venue.

To keep in mind

Budget– The amount that you spend on the venue will decide the size, style and location of the venue. There are a choice of up-market venues and medium market venues depending on the familys needs. Where commonly used venues are usually pricey we can also provide you with out-of-the-box suggestions such as choosing a similar location with an almost identical ambience but slightly afar.
Wedding Site- A wedding site can be indoors or outdoors. Indoor venues can have banquet halls and community halls and are considered weather-proof especially in the monsoons. Outdoor venues available are parks, party lawns, terraces and gardens and can be extravagant.
Size- The size of the venue is usually dependent on the number of guests that have been invited. The space can look really enormous when it is empty but due consideration should be given to the number people it can accommodate along with tables, chairs, buffets, dance floors etc.
Distance- Distance of the venue depends on the centralization, size and of course choice of venue in an up-market locality. If the venue is close to the guests and the bride and groom you can avoid wasting time during transportation and even expenditure of transport.
Amenities- The venue must have a green room for the bride and groom to change and wait. Especially the brides might need some minor touch-ups of makeup and dressing until she climbs the stage. In case the theme is that of a dance floor, the sound and acoustics of the venue have to be taken into account. It is also important to allot parking spaces for the guests.